RAM - Riser Automated Mapping


To Your Local Consulting and Inspection Service Provider

RAM WTS - Internal Scanner for Riser Automated Mapping of Large Diameter Piping. Our RAM WTS Scanner is capable of scanning 14" thru 40" internal pipe diameters, while producing an average of 12,000 readings per tube depending on the tube size. We also offer our RAM WTS Scanner in a smaller version for piping from 2 1/2" to 14" internal pipe diameters

Leading the industry in  Automated UT equipment with specialized proprietary  Ram Design, LLC equipment used for measuring thickness in piping of all sizes inclusive of production drilling riser & other casing applications. We perform corrosion mapping in production riser or any type of piping needing corrosion inspections.  We use high speed scanners that are the most reliable type of equipment in use in the oil & gas industry today. Quick reporting format into excel are graphics as per customer preference.

Quantity of four fully operational units ready for rapid deployment to customer sight.

We perform inspections on a Global bases OUR equipment is very portable for fast deployment to customer locations.  We have seasoned personel who specialize working in remote locations. As a corporate member of ASNT, all technicians are level two certified in all phases of non destructive examination disciplines.